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Done: Coat of Arms

Done Creative is a small batch clothing company I created with the mission to protect and preserve the world around us. I donate a portion of every item to various local environmental and community initiatives.

From Victoria to Toronto, Calgary to Montreal, there is always the same tacky ‘Canadian’ tourist gifts. It doesn’t matter where you are, there always seems to be someone buying a poorly designed shirt, bags, or whatever! This inspired me to try and create something a bit more unique and a graphic that would capture the new, modern Canada I see everywhere else.

Canada has an amazing history, and one particular aspect that jumped out at me was the Canadian and Provincial Coat of Arms. Each one tells a different story about its region and represents a special part of the country. The choice of animals and shield are very unique, but the part I found most interesting was the Latin script below and how it related to the individual coat of arms.

I wanted to take this project one step further…
I sourced out some great manufacturers that produce all of their product in Canada, making this series 100% Canadian.

Apparel, Illustration

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