As a designer, the biggest challenge is creating things for yourself. You spend all day developing and/or working with brands that are created to reflect other people’s/company’s values and personalities. So when starting to redesign my new portfolio site I wanted to make sure it really reflected me and the way I like to work. The design and content are pretty straight forward to create… make it look good, show samples of your work, write something to explain who you are and what you do, etc, etc… but I didn’t want to just have pictures of myself slapped all over the site (one is more than I like anyways). So how to capture my personality and services without doing the standard personal portfolio site?

While brainstorming a sketch I was looking around and all of a sudden it clicked… what better way to showcase myself than just using the tools and knick knacks lying around my office. I tried a few ways of photographing the various items, but after piling them in an interesting way, using depth of field, etc. nothing was really working in a consistent way throughout the design of the site. After playing with it for a while I finally came up with a layout that would show everything I wanted and be flexible enough to work on all pages of the new site.

These were the easiest images to create. All I had to do was grab items within arms reach of my desk chair. Everything in these images are tools I use on a regular basis for work from sketching and concept development, to refining and production.

1)Keyboard, 2)Pantone Book, 3)Ruler, 4)Sketchbook, 5)Stylus Pen for Wacom Tablet, 6)Mouse, 7)Pencils & Pens, 8)Exacto Knife

1)Used Paint Pallet, 2)Brushes, 3)Oil Paints, 4)Pallet Knives, 5)Blank Canvas

This image is more focused on the production side of the job, and the tools used after the design or illustration process is done. This is a mix of old and new items I use or have collected over the years.

1)Squeegee, 2)Tee Shirt, 3)Led Injection Mold for Letterpress, 4)iPad, 5)iPhone, 6)Pantone Book, 7)Camera

The blog section of my site is mainly a way of documenting the various things I like to do in my spare time. This is a collection of tools, toys, and items not related to designing or painting.

1)Note Book, 2)Lego Bricks, 3)Swiss Army Knife, 4)Right Angle Ruler, 5)Dog Leash, 6)Bone Scorer, 7)Exacto Knife, 8) Multi-bit Carving Chisel, 9)Leather Working Tools, 10)Hammer, 11)Pliers

A collection of personal items that represent what I enjoy doing rather than just focusing on work.

1)Darth Vader’s Lightsaber, 2)Soccer Cleat, 3)Video Game Controller, 4)Foreign & Collectable Currency, 5)Aviators, 6)High Quality Playing Cards, 7)Letterpress Letters, 8)Bike Tool, 9) Chess Pieces, 10)Vintage Rock Album

A simple image with the basics of a good meeting.

1)Laptop, 2)Beer, 3)Coffee, 4)Sketchbook

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