After getting my first iPod Touch I really wanted a cool case for it, but didn’t want just some generic pre-designed piece, I wanted to try and make something unique. After a bit of searching I came across a site that let you design/print your own case. Perfect. But now to come up with something unique and meaningful to me. Honestly this didn’t take very long… I looked up at the toys above my desk and knew exactly what it would be.

Like almost every kid born in the 80’s, I was (and still am) a huge transformers fan, and my favourite character was Soundwave! He was perfect for this project. He was the Decepticons communications specialist that disguised himself as the classic cassette boombox. I wanted to use the vintage look of the 80’s Soundwave and juxtapose it with this morden ‘boombox’. Have the front clean, slick and modern while the back would look like an old, forgotten 80’s relic. Here’s what I came up with.




Back Graphic

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