Every year myself and a group of friends do a Secret Santa between about 16 of us. The only rule is that the gift must be local or home-made. I love this opportunity to create and give my friends a unique gift and challenge myself with whatever I choose to make.

This year I drew my friend that is craft beer lover and avid homebrewer. He recently upgraded his system at home from just bottling his beers to a full blown multi keg & tap setup. This gave me the chance to try making something I’ve been wanting to try for a while… beer taps!

As we all know the holidays are crazy time and in my haste to get these done in time I didn’t properly document the process, so here’s the point form version…

1) Cut out the basic handle shape from some 2x2in cedar
2) Drilled out the bottom and glued in some 3/8 nuts (to screw on the tap system)
3) Shape, sand and stain wood handles
4) Cut and bend some scrap metal over the top and front
5) Sand the metal, lightly coat with a acrylic spraypaint primer, cover with chalk board paint
6) Put it all together and screw on to the taps

SecretSanta2014_Layout-01 SecretSanta2014_Layout-02

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