As I was putting my office together I realized I really needed a whiteboard to help keep track of projects, deadlines, etc. I don’t know about you, but I hate pretty much every whiteboard you can buy. They’re all over priced, have awful layouts, weird sizes, terrible typography, and look like they belong in a depressing office… so I decided to make my own unique one. After a bit of searching at thrift stores, asking friends/family for an old one, etc., I came across a large 32×24 inch frame that would work perfectly. It was big enough for the space in my office, and most importantly had glass for the dry erase markers to write on. After removing the ridiculous, stereotypical motivational poster and cleaning it up a bit, I gave the black frame a quick primer and a white spray paint update.


The next step was to replace the backdrop of the glass with something a little more interesting, but still light enough to see the writing on, I chose to go with a piece of 1/8 inch birch plywood. After cutting to size and making sure it fit, I used standard painters tape to mask off where I wanted my calendar spaces.


I marked out the spacing for the days of the week (taking into account the amount you would lose under the lip of the frame on the top and sides) and began cutting out the areas I would paint with my exacto blade. I quickly decided to not include the day of the week letters, since it was more cutting that I wanted, and really wasn’t neccessary.


I used some basic white acrylic paint to fill in my cut out areas. Then removed the tape as carefully as possible while the paint was still wet, to avoid lifting off any paint with the tape after it dried. I used my exacto knife again to help with the tricky parts, and only had a couple minimal screw ups, which I scratched off a bit once the paint dried.


Once hung, I used a bit of Ikea kitchen hard ware to add some storage for the pens, my rechargeable batteries, etc. below.

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